For the first two months of entrepreneurship, things have been pretty hectic. There are so many practical things to look into and of course keeping in touch with clients and delivering what I’m expected. Doing my specialization studies in technical communication at the same time also took its toll.

So all these tasks have kept me busy to the extent that I haven’t had the energy to look after my blog or pay much attention to this website, either. All that will change in March, I promise! I will be publishing Disena’s new visual image and photos *drumroll* and hope to be doing some more marketing too.

I also have to say that during these years (since 2003 when Disena was originally registered), it has become easier to manage a small company. Almost everything can be tracked online: taxes, invoices, receipts, leads, mailings. In that sense, nothing to complain: I don’t have to use my time for running after bureaucrats. Last week I also had a good discussion with an entrepreneurial advisor at Ensimetri and got reassurance that I haven’t missed anything crucial.

As someone who has always been a bit of a work-a-holic, I’ve realized that keeping up my own boundaries is THE key to success. Disena won’t operate if I’m out of the game. The stress probably comes from doing things for the first time and I was told it will get easier.

For the next week, it’s time to relax with the family and then get back to business.