During April, I will be launching a new visual identity for Disena on the web, in Twitter, in LinkedIn and in other marketing and sales materials.

For the first time EVER, Disena will also have a logo. (Which means I’m in this for real this time.) Anyone can tell you that branding means so much more than just having neat a logo but I also think it’s important to have one. Creating proposals or business cards without a logo has always left me feeling a bit incomplete. It makes me feel that I’m not communicating everything there is about my business to my clients.

I worked with marketing for several years in my previous job and learn a lot from great colleagues. It was always really easy to use graphical elements and stick to brand guidelines, as long as someone had made them for me. I have absolutely no creative cell in my brain when it comes to cooking up logos, colors or fonts and then pulling all of this together.

(Coming up with names and slogans is a different matter, though. I’m a linguist with an endless knack for puns. But they don’t teach visual design at the English department.)

Anyway, I’m lucky to have a talented bunch of people in my network who excel at doing these things! Stay tuned, more about this later!