If you want to see views from the top, or at least from higher up, you have to start somewhere. It helps to have something to hold on to when taking your first steps. A ladder here, a grip there. Then you slowly start dragging yourself upward.

These are my feelings after one week of being an entrepreneur. Luckily, climbing the wall doesn’t feel daunting because I have some solid grips. A part-time assignment with a client I already know, shorter assignments with other clients, new project ideas cooking with others… Those are the things that kick-started this journey.

This is pretty all I had to say at this moment. Just looking forward to developing Disena’s business and brand in the coming weeks, as well as rolling up my sleeves and helping out clients who need an extra pair of hands.

I will be posting more actively on Twitter than on these pages so please follow @DisenaFI to keep up-to-date!